1. Drones Prepare to Take on Zika

Drones Prepare to Take on Zika

Hope seems to be appearing in the form of technology a lot more often these days. If you’re still biting your nails from how nervous all this Zika virus news is making you, it may be time to put that hand down. The answer, my dear friend, is drones. I mean, of course it is. Drones seem to be attempting to solve all our problems lately.

According to NBC, the U.S. Agency for International Development has approved the funding that will put the mosquito-borne disease to the test of WeRobotics.

Now you may be picturing drones tracking down mosquitos and mutilating them, but the process is actually a lot different. WeRobotics plans to create drones that are able to transport sterile mosquitos into regions where the Zika causing mosquitos are prevalent. Over time, mosquitos will mate with these sterile mosquitos instead of the virus containing counterparts. In turn, Zika’s numbers should fall.

Besides producing really awesome video footage a regular camera can’t access, drones allow us accessibility to regions we didn’t think we could reach. They carry the capability of an airplane, in much smaller form, with no actual on board pilot. The fight against Zika needs exactly that.

A small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) can easily get through to areas where Zika has proven more prominent, such as South America. And since mosquitos are small, a lot of them can be transported aboard the WeRobotics drones.

Seems like a pretty great idea, right? Science creates a good guy machine, “drones”, to kill off the bad guys, “Zika causing mosquitos”. If you’ve watched too many sci-fi movies, you might not see this plan as bulletproof as others do. Unfortunately, many times technology is not as flawless as we’d like it to be. An amazing plan can go wrong and technology can produce unforeseen results. There may just be no way to know for certain how WeRobotics will do until the time comes to put the drones to the test.

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