1. The Disruption of a Cyber Attack

The Disruption of a Cyber Attack

Part 1

You may have been disappointed by the interruption to your “Netflix and Chill” plans on Friday. Or perhaps you couldn’t enjoy your morning coffee while reading the online version of the New York Times. But if you were able to access the news some other way, your anger may have been placed in another direction. Oct. 21 many popular sites, including the ones mentioned above, were inaccessible for a portion of the day due to a massive cyber attack.

For most of us, the way the Internet functions is pretty complicated. We understand that we type in a URL and somehow that gives us access to a web page, but that’s the gist of it. While the explanation behind this tends to get a bit technical, the basis of it is that companies like Dyn play the middleman and essentially connect us with the proper site. When hackers attacked the company Friday, Internet users were not able to navigate to many major sites.

Unfortunately, the story gets a tad more intense. According to CNN, it’s suspected that hackers gained access to home webcams, infiltrated them with the malware, which ultimately led to the spread of the attack.

Beyond being unable to access some of our favorite sites for a few hours, our worries lie deeper. How much can hackers gain access to? How do we even know? Who is behind this colossal cyber attack? What do they stand to gain? And will we be able to function if more of the Internet was down? This last one seems to echo a bit more.

Fear # 1: An Internetless World

As technology has grown, our lives have gradually benefited. Think of all the positive Internet has done for us. We can easily find a destination we’ve never been before, avoid traffic, and communicate with people across the globe. However, if you’ve ever experienced being alone and having your phone die, you may understand our dependency on technology. Friday’s cyber attack gave us a glimpse of just how fragile the Internet can be. At any moment’s notice it may fail.

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