1. Google Loses a Battle

Google Loses a Battle

As humans, we are naturally a competitive species. With all the breakthrough and success technology has experienced in recent years, it’s understandable that tech companies are constantly competing for our attention. It seems like it’s been a never-ending war of who can provide the greatest service. Unfortunately, Google has just seceded a battle.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been working on improving Internet users speed by investing in fiber technology. Although plans were in the works and cities had been selected to start this new transition, it appears the project has gone south. According to The Guardian, the CEO of the Fiber project, Craig Barratt, has stepped down and the company will begin laying off employees. It’s unclear how many will lose their jobs.

Google has been one of the major tech players for quite some time now and it’s important for them to keep improving if they want to keep that seat. It seems like every month some new technological toy is released whether it is a phone, watch, laptop, etc. If major tech players aren’t constantly working on something new or competing in an existing field, then they stand the chance of being wiped out. With this understanding, it only makes sense that Google would attempt to improve Internet speed. However, it seems they have overextended themselves. Switching to fiber-optic cables is a highly expensive endeavor. When financial goals were not met, it came time to concede. However, Google still plans to finish what it started in cities where the process has already begun.

Google has put a pause on improving Internet speed until they find a more cost effective alternative. Google users will just have to wait on that super speedy connection. If you’re part of the generation where dial up was the common option, you won’t complain much. Your Internet speed can still run laps around what we used to deal with.

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