1. Google Open Source Launched a New Website

Google Open Source Launched a New Website

This week Google launched a new website that bring all its open source projects

together under one roof, Google Open Source. This includes every open-source project

ranging from Android and Kubernetes to Chromium and TensorFlow among others.

Google, in the press release, states that it has released thousands of projects through

100+ Github organizations and Google’s self-hosted repository. And sometimes it

becomes difficult to recognize the scope and scale of the open-source projects. On the

website, you can find content including how the company uses, releases and supports

open source.

In addition, Google is also providing a significant resource for other firms on its new

open-source website. Google has decided to make the knowledge of how it goes about

working on open-source internally through a series of public documents. Such

documents will shed light on processes followed to release new projects, submit

patches to others’ projects and how the open source office manages any new code

brought from outside into the company. This is important for contributing to the

community when it helps you build your products, by bringing all the resources together.