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Google Open Source Launched a New Website

This week Google launched a new website that bring all its open source projects together under one roof, Google Open Source. This includes every open-source project ranging from Android and Kubernetes to Chromium and TensorFlow among others. Google, in the press release, states that it has released thousands of projects ...
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Google fiber optics

Google Loses a Battle

As humans, we are naturally a competitive species. With all the breakthrough and success technology has experienced in recent years, it’s understandable that tech companies are constantly competing for our attention. It seems like it’s been a never-ending war of who can provide the greatest service. Unfortunately, Google has just ...
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Smart Devices

Trusting Our Smart Devices

Part Two Beyond the unnerving chill that comes with the word, a cyber attack can be more threatening than we can imagine. As you may have noted from the previous blog, over the past few years we have grown a strong dependency on the Internet to complete our daily tasks ...
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Cyber attack

The Disruption of a Cyber Attack

Part 1 You may have been disappointed by the interruption to your “Netflix and Chill” plans on Friday. Or perhaps you couldn’t enjoy your morning coffee while reading the online version of the New York Times. But if you were able to access the news some other way, your anger ...
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Zika causing mosquito

Drones Prepare to Take on Zika

Hope seems to be appearing in the form of technology a lot more often these days. If you’re still biting your nails from how nervous all this Zika virus news is making you, it may be time to put that hand down. The answer, my dear friend, is drones. I ...
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